Dr Bukola Saraki, the former Senate president of Nigeria reacted to the increment of essential commodity in Nigeria.
Many prominent Nigerians also against the outrageous hiked of food stuff, Electricity, kerosene, petrol etc.
The former Governor of Kwara state quoted the scenario that happened in 2015 before general election for allegedly working against the ruling All Progressive Congress by frustrating the incumbent government to suit his purpose.

He said, "When I was the Senate President,they said I and Sen.Dino Melaye was the one who prevented Buhari from working in the first tenure, accusing us of working with the opposition PDP then,to frustrate Buhari Government."
He said further that, they forcefully removed him and senator Dino Melaye from APC to suit their ambitions.

"They force us out of the party and we returned to our original home the PDP."

"They worked tirelessly to ensure I and Dino never return to Senate,to perfect all their game plans against Nigerians."

The former Senate President said he has been vindicated for what is happening today to show Nigerians that incompetency is reflecting in the government of the day.

He added, "Today, the coast is clear for them,and just within 15months into the second coming of Buhari,the foundation of Nigeria is already quavering with unnecessarily increased of essential consumable items and services."

"China become our new colony with the level of loans."

"This will not continue forever,God will rise and deliver Nigerians from the common enemies of our dear Nation"

Sen.Abubakar Bukola Saraki
Former President (Nigerian Senate)

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