On Thursday, the Lagos State Government, discarded on the spread of video on social media of some uniformed allegedly advertising the sale of branded wastebaskets, reportedly on behalf of the Lagos State.

According to the statement by Mr. Tunji Bello, the State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, stated that all the characters in the viral video are swindlers who do not portrait the State Government or any of its agencies.

The State Commissioner claimed that there is no agency under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources that goes by the address “Lagos State Vehicle Waste Basket (LAVWAB) Enforcement/Compliance” as nameed in the branded vehicle which the swindler worked from.

Mr Bello indicated that the fraudulent act of the criminals in the video could be concluded from the fact that they operated from inside a van within an automobile workshop and were very dishonest about the kind of enforcement exercise they were supposedly carrying out.

He said that the State Government had always motivate all buses, trucks and vehicles to prepared wastebaskets in their vehicles to discourage garbage the roads and streets.

Mr Bello uphold that the current government has never asked any branded wastebasket to the residents of Lagos state.

The State Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources said the sudden actions has been communicated to security personnel to disperse their men in order to arrest the criminals and their group, wherever they come from, and bring them to Justice.

Bello, however, advice the general public to report any such occurrences of anyone call to represent the State Government and intimidating them to buy any particular brand of rubbish bin for placement in their vehicles.

The Commissioner also counsel owners and drivers in the State to continue to use rubbish bin of their choice in their vehicles, as part of measures to discourage garbage and promoting a culture of proper waste disposal.

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