Now is not the time to buy things just for the purpose of show off,spend money based on priority even if you are financially stable.

Now is not the time to boil water,Egg or meat for over 30minutes while you are glued to the TV.

Now is the time to try out other affordable foodstuff or pastries.

Now is the time for you to locate that cheap farm market you heard about.

Now is the time to start saving no matter how small, it helps.

Now is the time to cultivate the habit of buying some house hold items in bulk whenever you have a huge sum of money:

Children routine drugs.
Rice,beans, spaghetti,palm oil and groundnut oil, beverages,beef  etc,if you don't have the financial capacity for all the above you can add flour and yeast to the list,you will be amazed at the taste of Puff puff with tea as breakfast,no forming for this new Nigeria.

Now is not the time to borrow an amount you cannot pay,if it's a bank loan pls and pls be sure the investment will yield profit 

Now is not the time to inconvenience people with outrageous demands, unnecessary and constant visits,pls even the rich are trying to adjust to the new Nigeria.

Now is not the time to be ungrateful or upset that someone dashed you "just 3k/10k"we all have needs.

Now is not the time to feel guilty for not buying asoebi,if you can afford it fine.if it's gift you can afford it's still fine.

Now is not the time to be upset you were not invited to a naming ceremony, wedding, birthday party....most parties are now indoors.

Now is not the time to waste transport to a destination you are not sure of the reception.

Now is the time to treat people the way they treat you,groom yourself,have something doing no matter how small,be relevant,pull off your garment of laziness,have money for yourself by yourself.

Now is the time to be hopeful that someday somehow all your challenges will come to an end ,just be patient.........when there's a casting down there's a lifting up

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