The CAN under Rev Oritsajefor 
Sourced out Nigerian political scientists and  political strategists all over the world and the think tank  came up with the following 
Every decision made in Nigeria  uses state actors as distribution channels till then 
So the ward level and local governments are disempowered 
Thereby not showing a true representation of Nigeria 

The Fulani fiefdom  thrives under that system in the North 

So when FGN  initiated the constitutional conference 

Instead of going to state governors who are all  Fulani in the North and who are the minority in governance over the indegenous groups and Hausa communities 

The FGN didn’t relate with the  states  but activated the774 Local government areas in Nigeria and the 10-15  wards  in each LGA 
to choose delegates 

The following was found out 
1. There are more christians in Nigeria than Muslims 
Which reflected in the conference delegates based on representation at the LGA level
In fact most Northern states have half of their states being Christians 

2. It was discovered that states like Taraba , Bauchi,Nassarawa were mainly Christians 
Bornu ,Kaduna etc had half or more of its entire population being Christians 
3. In other words Nigeria was redesigned for the first time 
A new map showed half of kaduna and half of the Northern states (that are nearest to south who are mainly Christians when merged with the south shows 65%-75%  if Nigeria and its land mass is under the control of  Christians  

This information caused such a siesmic shift 

And resulted in 250 core Northern delegates out of the over 1000 delegates, Resigned from the constitutional conference saying the North rejected the conference, in knowing they were the minority they were aware that  going forward that Political precedent ensured their loss of power forever, they started agitation and mass Murder to dispossess Christians in the midbelt and NE most of their land, they started bringing in Fulani from all over Africa to come and land grab in Nigeria to change the map 

They developed open border policy and empowered the service chiefs to allow influx of foreigners into Nigeria, they made incursions into the south by empowering the Muslims in the south politically and with money 
All with the plan to change the map under Buhari presidency and legitimise their hold over Nigeria as a whole . And claim that southern leaders are also
Muslims thereby changing the narrative that there are more Christians in Nigeria than Muslims 

Whet we need to do is retrace our steps and missed opportunities 
This is the way to go

Now that Christians know and have information 
It’s a matter of when not if 

We need to strategically empower the Hausas 
Ensure more record numbers are Christians 
Give them
Self determination through policies and  strategic political alignments with the south   
From senate to House etc

Surely  they will
Overthrow the reign of the Fulani from the North 

The Christian North felt we in the south were not serious about Christ and his will  after Buhari came in 

We knew and they knew the strategic importance of the constitutional conference 

The northern Fulani  oligarchy and fiefdom will  however fight restructuring and constitutional conference 

We must insist it happens as one voice 

God will rewrite  and replan Nigeria 
It’s inevitable 

Nigeria belongs to him 

Jesus Christ is Lord

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