Government facilities and private businesses in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital was looted and vandalized on Friday, 23rd Oct, 2020.

This follows similar occurrences elsewhere across the federation and we recognize the mass frustration of our people.

As much as the incidences of Friday is painful and condemnable, we understand that this is part of the unfortunate development in the country that is putting our collective safety at risk, aswell as part of the larger issues of inequality, injustice and poverty bedeviling the nation.

Kwara Must Change recognizes the fact that, looting, vandalizing and destroying ourselves is easy, but rebuilding and transforming our society requires consistent hard work with vision, which is what we stand for.

So, while we vent our anger over the many injustices in the land, we should also remember that we will be required to build our nation, when all is done.

We therefore pray that Nigeria overcome this trial and bounce back better and stronger.

Finally, as we go about venting our collective fraustration, i wish to remind the people of Kwara State and indeed the people of Nigeria that we must put peace at the heart of our decision making, because peace is priceless and we can be nothing without it.

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