Observing closely, the ongoing fraud scam in Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin which led to disengagement of Dalash communication international, speaking with some Staff of the Institution; we are reliably informed that  some clique in the Institution has started playing politics again, few among them are Dr.(mrs) Adams, Registrar’s right hand (Mr olatomi) a loyalist of Dalash communication the likes of others are all covering the stark-naked lies but unknowingly them, they flung the academic brand of the Polytechnic into the flames, just like their middling predecessor did under the leadership of Alh masu’d Elelu .

The present Rector in his ignorant proposition has continued the nepotism legacy of his predecessor, by covering the impunity of Mr Lanre Akewusola, by consenting to his reappointment to occupy the highest Director’s office preordained for the Chief lecturers and not a Principal lecturer, oh…maybe the Rector fail to check the ‘’EDICT’’ that established Kwara State Polytechnic, when he re-appointed a Principal lecturer who served uninterruptedly for (8) consecutive years as IICT Director, to serve again as APU Director, this is not injustice alone on the part of all the embittered Chief lecturers that have unanimously petitioned the excesses of Mr Lanre Akewusola, the petition was trivialized and perfectly swept under the carpet,  this is a parade of shame for Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin under the watch of His Excellency Mall. AbdulRaham AbdulRasak.

Perhaps maybe the manuscript of remembrance has not be opened back to 2012/2013 when the Bursar and the then IICT Director boorishly bamboozled the then School Management to give the Student portal management to Dalash communication after the company was given payment collection in 2012, shortly after Dalash got the Portal management, the undeniable loyalty fetched them a befitting edifice worth Millions at pipeline and basin respectively, neglecting the welfare of the people living  in the school quarters as if they have never lived here with us before.

It will amount to prejudice and narrow-mindedness if the Bursar is suspended, Dalash communication disengaged and the duo were invited for questioning at ICPC with exclusion of Mr lanre akewusola still bigheadedly parading himself as a decision maker in the Polytechnic, then the anti-corruption crusade worth it not, with these cataloged reasons:
The then IICT Director misled the past Management with his characterized intrigues and manipulation gave the management the impression that Dalash communication is helping the polytechnic, as also claimed by a “fallacious writer” thereby giving Dalash and his representatives full verge to operate in a massive financial irregularities, history is repeating itself again, evident by recent report at the council level where he(Mr lanre Akewusola) signed and recommend to the management that the portal management should not be taken away from Dalash communication, contrary to the Council and the General Public opinion.
Recently, at the meeting held by the council that led to termination of Dalash communication contract with the polytechnic, Mr lanre Akewusola pleaded raucously with the Polytechnic council not to disengage the Company due to his own gluttonous profits against the interest of the Polytechnic (his employer). 

Mr Lanre Akwusola was actively involved in the Portal management since Dalash communication secure the Portal contract in 2013, hence if Dalash Communication international was criminally and heavily indicted in the fraudulent operation of the portal by the Council and was disengaged alongside the bias suspension of Bursar as a beneficiary excluding other beneficiary of the prodigality (Mr lanre Akewusola) the then IICT director.

Mr lanre Akewusola always collecting N 2,700,000 from the Polytechnic yearly for hosting school website and portal, the service being paid for as service charge to Dalash communication and N 3,000,000 plus for post UTME screening exercise claiming IICT is handling for school, not until the Acting Rector Dr. oyebode came on board and discovered this fraudulent act of the director (Mr Akewusola) and decided to give it to a consultant.

Mr lanre Akewusola has swayed the current management to fast track the staff promotion that is supposed to be done in year 2021 to December 2020 against the polytechnic EDICT for his selfish desperate promotion, he was promoted to Principal lecturer in the year 2017 and customarily he will be due for another promotion after four (4) years of previous promotion. In his ambition to become the next Deputy Rector Academics of the Polytechnic in year 2021, he must be promoted to a Chief Lecturer Cadre. 
According Kwara State Polytechnic code of conduct, a Director can only serve for (2) years and another (2) years  for the second term, after which you rest for the next (2) years, if you are considered to be reappointed by the management, this rule is also applicable to the principal lecturers in the acting capacity but can only serve for one year
Mr lanre Akewusola has been a Director for more than (8) consecutive uninterrupted years which contradicts the “EDICT” that established the Polytechnic, more so we are reliably informed that he (Mr lanre Akewusola) earns more than the chief lecturers’ in the polytechnic, why is it so because the then payroll staff of the Polytechnic (Yemi Olashinde), the immediate younger brother of the CEO Dalash communication, in the bid to compensate the then IICT Director (Mr lanre Akewusola) for helping Dalash communication to secure the Portal management unfairly in the year 2012., he elevated his salary to chief lecturer’s cadre.

The excesses of this overbearing and garrulous Director, if not checked in a space of time will become an academic ignominy and the professional ethics will be thrown to the winds, therefore  blind eye and deaf hears should not be turned to the actions of Mr lanre Akewusola by the Investigating Committee, the Governing Council and the Management of Kwara State Polytechnic, without sentiment interrelated influences, the brain behind the award and management of portal solution to Dalash communication in year 2013  had little or nothing to offer the Polytechnic, as he is busy scheming on ways to amass more affluence to himself.

We should not celebrate mediocrity over excellence, Mr Lanre Akewusola should be relieve of his unmerited position immediately and invited for questioning on how his multimillion edifice was built with the Polytechnic website yearly hosting fund  for the interest of justice that the Government of His excellency Mall. AbdulRaham AbdulRasak stand for.

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