- The Federal Government may declare another lockdown in the guise of either COVID-19 or State of Emergency.

- We are likely to see the soldiers on the streets of cities, mainly in Southern Nigeria.

- Buhari may leave for exile. There are already rumours that he's left already. I doubt it though.

- All banks may be shut down starting from tomorrow, 21th Oct, 2020

- The internet may be shutdown soon. I heard the mobile networks are already bracing for that.

- This whole thing may drag on for a while. Don't think it may not.

What To Do?

1) Try to stock your house with food and beverages.

2) Top up your mobile phone(s). This is key, as the banks and other service providers may not be able to restock.

3) With the story of hacking everywhere, don't ignore number 2 above. Already, it is becoming difficult to top up from the banks.

4) If you just got free credits from Airtel, convert it to data NOW!!!

5) Fill up your car and generator tanks with fuel. Petroleum Marketers may join the protests soon!!!

Even if they don't, with the possibility of a fresh lockdown or *State of Emergency*, who will sell fuel for you?

6) Top up your NEPA card. If we are lucky, the workers won't join this.

7) Go and withdraw enough cash and keep now. In the following weeks, *Transfer* or digital money won't help anybody. Go! Do it now!

8) Pray. Keep praying. Don't stop praying. This may drag on for weeks or months.

9) Share this. You owe it to a better Nigeria.


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