Nigeria my beloved country is once again on the airwaves of the major news networks across the world for the wrong reason. 
Our hitherto notorious claim to fame is Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen: two of the world most violent terror groups.
Outside the country, Boko Haram is like Nigeria surname. Once you introduce yourself as Nigerian, the next lecture you are expected to give will be on Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen's violent attacks on innocent people.
I had to be giving a weekly lecture to my church members in the predominantly White American church I attend here. Every Sunday after service, I have to take questions from more than four White folks who want me to educate them on what they have read or heard in the news about Boko Haram attacks on Christians, rape of school children and other innocent Nigerians. And the question word always failed me to answer from them is “Solomon why is your president rehabilitating terrorists”? Do I tell them that my president is not like their own who kill terrorists? How will I explain to them that my own president rehabilitates and pay compensation to terrorists who have killed more than 30,000 Nigerians including hundreds of soldiers and highly trained officers? Word will fail any Nigerian to explain that to any oyinbo whose President killed terrorists across the world.
As if the notorious fame and popularity we are getting through Boko Haram is not enough, President Buhari once again got airtime for us in major broadcast stations across the world to advertise the barbarity of our nationhood and re-enforcing Donald Trump shithole nations mantra.
I had to skip church today to save myself the agony of explaining and re-explaining why my president sent soldiers to shoot young men on a sit-out protest holding the national flag and singing the national anthem. How do I explain to my church members that my President ordered soldiers to shoot the citizens he swore with the Holy Koran to protect? I don’t want to wait till word will fail me, So I decided to save my face and sit home this Sunday.
While at home, I did some introspection on our Nigerianess and the very low value we the ordinary Nigerians place on our lives. Our leaders dance the beat of nothingness we play for our lives. I did a quick take on a similar crisis that happened here some few months ago to see the difference between day and night.
During the Black Lives Matter protests that rocked the US following the murder of George Floyd, hundreds of protesters gathered near the grounds of the White House, some vandalized the church close to the White House: a national monument where presidents attend service the Sunday after the inauguration. In a bid for President Trump to show that he was in charge, he ordered the National Guards to teargas the protesters to clear the way for him to do a photo-up holding the Bible in front of the church and show how macho a President. he is. President Trump’s action elicited a national outrage. The Secretary of Defense, Mike Esper and the Chairman Joint Service Chief General Mark Miley who escorted President Trump to the church came under fire from all Americans including Republican and Democrat Senators and Congressmen.
The Congress held a hearing and summoned the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of Joint Service Chiefs to explain why soldiers tear-gassed protesters to clear a rite of passage for the president. The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff quickly apologized and distanced themselves from the President. They both claimed that they did not know what the president wanted to do when he summoned them. It was only tear gas the soldiers used on the protesters oh. The teargas our own Police use as a body spray on Nigerians daily.
Let’s come back home. Young men and women protesting police brutality in Lekki toll gate suddenly witnessed a blackout and before they could shout NEPAAA…. Hails of bullets from soldiers rammed through them in the dark. The Chief Security Officer of the state, Sanwo-Olu claimed ignorance of the attacks by the soldiers and rightly he is justified in his ignorance. Under the law, he could not order soldiers to Lekki. Only President Buhari could do just that. Even the Chief of Army Staff no matter how vicious he maybe cannot order soldiers to Lekki to go and shoot people except the President okayed it.
The rage that followed the attack forced people into the streets of Lagos to vent their anger and like wildfire, the rage burned across Nigeria and still burning. Houses and property of perceived enablers of the massacre including the family house of Lagos State governor, assets of the self-acclaimed godfather of Lagos-Bola Tinubu went up in flames. The palace of the Oba of Lagos was not spared. His staff of office and royal shoes have since found a new owner.
As Nigeria burned, own president remained deaf and dumb. Nigerians home and abroad were begging him to talk and when he graciously heed their voice, he ignored the shooting in Lekki but rather was talking about moni-tradermoni, farmermoni,N-power… No mention of what caused the crisis that is rocking the nation. No pretence of taking any step to look into what happened in Lekki-why will he even look into it when he was the one who sent the soldiers there.
And what are some Nigerians saying? They keep arguing about the number of the death, some even praised the president for being so magnanimous enough to speak with Nigerians, some called the Lekki shooting fake news even when Lagos State governor confirmed the deaths and visited the injured in hospitals across Lagos. Many started putting up write-ups condemning the looting but ignored the President who threw the nation into chaos.
And when you condemn the absurdities happening in Nigeria, they will say you hate Buhari, some will even accuse you of not patriotic, that you are working against Nigeria. For many cult followers, their loyalty and support for Buhari transcend their loyalty to Nigeria and obliterate their humanity, sense of reasoning, decency and morality.

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