_Says global concensus is better than global competition_

A Non Governmental Organization, Foundation for Peace Professionals also known as PeacePro has called on the United States Government led by President Donald Trump to support global concensus candidate, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala for the position of Director General of World Trade Organization.

PeacePro also stated that, as a democratic nation and leading voice in global affairs, US government needs to join the rest of the world in supporting Okonjo Iweala's candidature, not to be seen wielding veto against a global consensus and promoting unnecessary rivalry and unhealthy competition.

In a statement by the Executive Director of PeacePro, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, he explained that the United States of America is a leading and important country in global affairs and its decisions will affect how other countries will conduct themselves in global matters.

According to Hamzat, United States of America has several diplomats of global repute advising the country's leadership on global issues and these high caliber diplomats understand the importance of global concensus in decision making, aswell as the consequences of unnecessary wielding of veto power on issues that do not threaten their country's interest.

Hamzat maintained that, "it is in US interest to support a global citizen like Okonjo Iweala, who is not only eminently qualified for the job, but also has the required international exposure and experience to serve global interest.

He further explained that, global interest should not be jeopardized because of the individual interest of each nation, arguing that unnecessary competition at the global level often lead to chaos and hostility, thereby making global peace and cooperation a tall dream.

Hamzat therefore urges US government to lead the way in adopting Okonjo Iweala as the concensus candidate for WTO, assuring that, he believes President Trump will eventually join the rest of the world in supporting Okonjo Iweala's candidature, considering US relationship with Africa and its strategic working relationship with Nigeria.


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