The former Senate President and the former Governor of Kwara State, DR Bukola Saraki, on Saturday, appealed the President Buhari-led federal government to quickly put an end to the persistent attack of Nigeria citizens by functional of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.

The former Senate President also appealed the government to modify the singularity of the operatives for better save keep of Nigerians.

These advice to the federal government was released in his official Twitter account.

“The reports of the continued harassment, illegal arrest, detention and high handedness by rogue cells of the SARS Unit of @PoliceNG against innocent Nigerians – most of them young people – in spite of efforts to reform the Police & raise standards of policing, are disheartening.

“A situation where the officers of @PoliceNG become a threat to the lives and property of the very citizens they swore to protect is condemnable and unacceptable.

“I call on the Federal Government to immediately put a stop to these reprehensible activities and restructure the unit to better perform its lawful duties of safe guarding the lives and property of the Nigerian people.”

Meanwhile, a Civil Society Organisation, CSO, asked President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government to unexist the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS.

The organization, Center for Advancement of Civil Liberties and Development, called for this action while castigating the attack on Nigerians by Special Anti-Robbery Squad operatives.

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