Sequel to early memo that was released by the Federal Government through the ministry of education to notify all students about the reopening of schools for academic activities.

The attention of the Students' Union Government Executives has been drawn to the likely issue that might arise between the landlord association and the students upon the resumption.

"As we always say that we shall put all strength in achieving what are just needed for our students" Today the Students' Union Government under the leadership of Comr. Abiola Azeez Babatunde ADIGUN MRM with the Executives meet with the OFFA DECEDANT UNION (O.D.U) NATION EXECUTIVES.

During the meeting, we express the thought of our students on the house rent issue and we let them realise how hard the economy situation of the country as well as how difficult it might be for our students to pay for the house rent which they don't use.

On the final, the struggle still continue and we beseech the entire students to join us in prayer so we achieve a positive feedback on it.

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