I want ourpeople , both the pro and anti protest factions on the field and the social media, to understand the trend of war .  


It is always a trend. From Libya to Syria to Yemen to CAR to Somalia to Liberia to Sierra Leone  to Ivory Coast to Rwanda. Here are the stages:


People protest


Many try to encourage them. 

Soldiers fire live ammunition into crowds to scare or disperse protesters. 


Mob retaliate and burn down government and influential leaders' assets. 


Army and police withdraw due to international pressure. They begin to guard their barracks only. 


Anarchy sets in. Mob goes after assets of prominent figures and in some cases notable government officials. 

Powerful and influential people flee abroad with their families. 


Mob goes  after assets and lives of middle class or anyone that has semblance of wealth or conncetion with the government.

 Estates housing the middle classes or government officials are attacked. 

Remember, no more police or army to protect them. 


Full scale war breaks out as opportunists with group interests and egos take over

 NOTE : Is it an open secret that a few groups have been  campaigning for the break up of the country.

 Competing interests and internecine wars end up tearing the country apart. 


 Refugees flee the country in millions to become beggars in other countries.

Which country in West Africa has the capacity to take refugees  from our country? 

Remember, the population of Lagos alone is hgher than that of most West African countries.


I heard some people are saying US will come in. 

I laughed.

 To do what?

 Has the US finished solving its own many  problems. 

Common, this is not the 1960s!

No external forces will quell the in fighting. 

It will be our cup of tea. 

Remember a few of them have predicted that our country might not exist in the next few years.

Gotten it?

The internal wars will be a continuous recurring decimation.

 With no uniting force, no military or police or government, we might have the Libya scenario. 

I hope we are paying attention and praying. 

All those mansions, designers this and that, and even loved ones could disappear in twinkle of an eye.

Those abroad that are  fanning the flames will be eating Kentucky chicken in their respective cozy homes. 

US, UK and the UN will turn blind eye, except the UN peace keepers who will be kept in one expensive hotel - Remember hotel Rwanda?

UK, US will sell us arms and buy free passage and licences to mine our natural resources.

What we all need NOW is CAUTION FROM ALL SIDES. 

If we continue this way, no one will be the winner.

 If the country scatters, God forbid, no group or faction will get what they want, not even the youths or the celebrities calling the shot via the social media.



Parents who have seen wars before must call their children to order.

Why destroy the States' limited resurces and heritage when most of what you are protesting about are constitutionally beyond the powers of a State government? 

Again , I cite the example of  - South Sudan, Libiya, Syria, Iraq, Sierra Leone - years of wonton destruction , loss of lives and livelihoods.
Everything and everyone will be on the route to destruction millions of naira in the bank will be worth less than toilet roll.  

Houses become unliveable.

This is no longer about who is right or wrong, it is about who will be safe?

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