People who never witnessed war Will think war is just shooting guns and killing people.They forget that 
War is starvation, 
War is rape, 
war is deprivation of movement , 
war is fear , 
war is lack of access to health care , 
war is lack of access to your wealth , 
war is Diseases , 
war is hopelessness , war is losing children ,
war is losing parents , war is losing spouse , war is losing loved ones ,
War is not going to school 
War is creating an entire generation who will be illiterates , 
War is so much more than  just shooting guns and ending lives
Even after war it will take decades for a nation to heal to reconcile and to rebuild etc, Ask Rwanda , Congo , Liberia , South Sudan and Libya , War in reality is different from war in the movies. When next you wish for war ask those who have actually witnessed 1966 Nigerian Civil War , Everybody became casualties of war both dead and the living. "United we stand, divided we fall". May God Unite Nigeria "One  love keep us together "

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