In the high tension of protest rampaging the country, some Nigerians have come out boldly to tender reasons why SARS were appointed into the security operatives.
This was posted with the description on the ground against the deadly activities of SARS in the Land.

Read the full statement posted on Facebook
"We aimed for a peaceful land.

We planed for a pleasant future.

We hope for a great generations.

We dream for a conquering leaders.

We speak life to the world to come.

That's why we employ you for a better security, so we can be fully sure our lives and property are in a safe land.

You are paid extra than you work.

You earned faster than you learn.

You are served physical weapons to fight against enemies.

You are given measure on how to rule over the land.

You are put into service to make ends to corruption.

You are taught how to live and rule over full security.

You are served more than you requested.

Do we have to regret choosing you to rule over our insecurities?
Do we have to abound in culprit fears?
Do we have to continue nurturing over corruption's?
Do we have to continue dwelling in fears?
Do we have to continue in our unsecured situations?

Old one's are scared to meet you!
Young one's can't have a peaceful free and Fairless moment down the street.
You have turn to an expert slaughtering humans like you, as if no judgement await your arrival.
Buying expensive accessories is now the fears of every youth.
Walking down the hills with our high heels without bills has now become a crime against our own will.

We are ready to speak for the voiceless, enough of untimely death over our loving YOUTH!

We are ready to speak on behalf of the decease, enough of blood shed  over the nation NIGERIA!

We are ready to speak on behalf of the coward, enough of insecurities in our loving NATION!

When the heart gets too heavy with pains, people don't cry. They become silent, completely silent. We are really tired of being too silent."


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