Nigerians have been unfair to Nigeria in all ramifications. This statement may sound preposterous, but it is not, rather it is a statement of fact.

Nigeria got her independence on October 1st, 1960 with fanfares and high expectations of what lies ahead. We were too excited to consider how best to get the newly independent nation to compete favourably in all indices of development.

Nigeria saddled on albeit blindly but with great optimism to enjoy the fruits of the new development. Though, our economy was built on agriculture, oil money takes it away from the sustainable agricultural blueprint that would have  ensure a focused development.

With oil moneys, some privileged Nigerians become over night millionaires, briefcase contractors and contract swapping syndicates. With these privileged few,  economic distortions and dislocations started rearing their ugly heads into the country's economic arrangement. At this point, all hands refused to bend in tilling and arrowing of the land filled with milk and honey.

The question now is: who  are these privileged few that disorganized the country's direction from the path of sustainable economy fuelled by agriculture. 

The answers to the above mentioned questions lie between you and I. You and I are Nigerians who have not been fair to Nigeria.

You and I that believe that your votes must be for the highest bidder are been unfair to Nigeria.

You and I that keep silent when those evil ones are desperate to exploit our naivety to widen their political subjugations.

You and I whose privileged fathers, mothers, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc  work in the payroll unit of a government establishment, and sneaked in your names into the payroll when you are still in either primary or secondary school are unfair to Nigeria.

You and I that work in a government establishment, leave your schedules unattended to, and instead move from one offices to another, gossiping and chatting uncontrollably are unfair to Nigerians.

You and I that are too self righteous to put our contributions forward on a virtual space without being acidic are unfair to Nigeria

You and I that sees nothing progressive in most of the efforts of our leaders to right the wrongs of the past, and set the country on a new development path are been unfair to Nigeria.

Ad infinitum..!!!

As Nigeria celebrate her Diamond Jubilee today, I urge Nigerians to cultivate the habit of praying for their fatherland. 

Let us cultivate the habit of praying for the goodness of Nigeria for it is in her goodness that our destiny lies.

Good Morning to all Patriotic Nigerians.

Happy Diamond Jubilee  Independenc.!!!

*From the Stable of Kwarans with Conscience*

 *Mopelola AbdulMaliq Bashir is the coordinator, Kwara Must Change Women Wing*

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