Today, exactly two years ago, the good people of Ekiti/Isin/Irepodun/Oke-Ero Federal Constituency of Kwara unanimously agreed to repose their confidence in our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the candidacy of Rep Abdulraheem Tunji Olawuyi #Ajuloopin by electing him with overwhelming majority votes to represent them at the Nigeria Federal House of Representatives. They defied the age long #tradition of being dictated to via imposition of candidate, they put an end to the reign of a political #dynasty with collective resolved to take their destiny in their hand by casting their lots with the #APC candidate against all odds.

The beginning of the end to years of political hold on kwara by a dynasty was defined and championed by the people of the constituency who have always desired absolute #freedom in a bid to carve a political niche for themselves. The people won the November 17, 2018 By-Election into Ekiti/Isin/Irepodun/Oke-ero Federal constituency of Kwara following the death of the former occupier, Mrs Funke Adedoyin (May her gentle soul find eternal rest).

Naysayers thought it was an impossible task, they though it was an exercise in futility fighting a lost battle, they believe in the political invincibility of the scion of the dynasty, but we were unrelenting, resolute, dogged and focus in our quest to chat a new political course. Our people became more determined to liberate themselves from the jaw of a #dictator who saw Kwara as a conquered fiefdom and against the usual imposition and rigging that hitherto characterised kwara politics, the people made a decisive decision that saw the dynasty demystifies politically

Our people, the good people of Ekiti/Isin/Irepodun/Oke-ero federal constituency became the forerunner of the #Otoge (enough is enough) struggle that saw to the emergence of a new political player in Kwara, they designed the path and our #victory became the propeller and the driving force that encouraged others to know that impossibility only resides in the mind of those who refused to believe.

The people of Kwara both home and Abroad bought into the struggle. When the Independent National Electoral Commission ( #INEC ) declared Rep Ajuloopin as the winner of the by-election, an ecstatic constituents erupted in wild jubilation, former #Governor Rauf #Aregbsola was an earlier caller and said "so you can defeat Saraki in Kwara,"? That was the extent they believed in his political invincibility.

Today, we have defined our political path, the culture of having to report to one dynasty on political hspoening is over, the culture of having to take instruction before empowering the people is dead, Rep Ajuloopin now report directly to the people, he eats 'eko eda' (pap) spiced with 'akara elepo' (bean cake) with the people at the constituency office in the morning. The people now have a one in one interfaced with their representative. Oya  Amuda, the amazing local caterer does the cooking for us, we all eat together with no impediment of class. Politics has been redefined, the people are the real deal. Our people are now empowered without having to take permission or give #percentage to the dynasty, it is a season of #political freedom in the state of harmony as championed by the people

Ajuloopin AKA, the Olupo Ogan 1 of Omu-Aran (untitled) has kept fate with the people, he has not failed to represent them in whatever concern their affairs. He has deemed it fit to embark on numerous #empowerment programmes. As at today, he has empowered Tailors in the constituency with Industrial #Sewing Machine, gave out Grinding Machine, #Generators among others to constituents as a way of starting a #business that can help them eke a living.

Ajuloopin has also empowered the Youth in the constituency through Ajuloopin #Digital Empowerment Programme ( #ADEP ) that allowed those who want to go into #Graphics Design, Importation and Social Media #Marketing with laptops and Tablet that will enable them conquered their world. The facilitator of ADEP is at the verge of given scholarship to those who emerged best in the ADEP. 

Ajuloopin has also constructed and still constructing motorised bore holes, fixed classrooms, bought chairs and tables suitable for learning and also constructed some roads including the one not completed by his #predecessor. The welfare of the people have been a great burden to him, his passion to see them succeed in all their endeavours with enabling environment remained his greatest #priority. He is sure not done, though the challenges are daunting with his quest to touch every lives and communities but with God on his side he will do what has never been done in the annal of the constituency history in representative #democracy.

The Ajuloopin I know is very open to criticism, no man is an highland entire to himself, learning is continuum, therefore, he his willing to listen and acting upon what is said constructively. However, one thing that is certain is that the people should be rest assured of the fact that Ajuloopin will not disappoint the people who defied the scourging sun to #elect him, whatever that is within his power will be done to uplift the #four local governments area of the constituency.

Thank you so profoundly for standing by us in the last 730 days, #together we shall make Ekiti/Isin/Irepodun/Oke-ero federal constituency of Kwara the Cynosure's of all.

||••• Femi Ogunshola
       Media Adviser 
Rep Tunji Olawuyi Ajuloopin

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