Read Ahmad opinion on ASUU Strick today
"Earlier today, I took my time to think about the deteriorating state of our education sector. I felt disturbed because just like the security aspect, the whole sector is getting shattered and the government pretentiously appears to be incognizant about it. Isn't it disheartening?

For some months now our Universities have been shut and the major stakeholders (ASUU and FG) have been at loggerheads as to who will concede to others in their respective stances. The Federal Government insistence to grant these ASUU's demands have resulted in unproductive serial deliberations with ASUU.

It's so dispiriting to note that despite almost two decades of acting out the same script, the incumbent federal government, as with its predecessors, has not learnt how to relate with ASUU. Sadly, this inability to learn is one of the few delicate areas where the governments of Nigeria have displayed adroitness and one of the reasons why the Nigerian students must act out to halt the protracted strike action.

It now seems as if we have lost our voice as students who have always been at the receiving end every now and then. It's high time we spoke up and requested that our Universities be opened with immediate effect because we cannot continue to wander around seeing FG/ASUU wasting our years at home. Enough is enough!!!"

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