"Only the courageous can make a real marks in life"

This life,only the tough and courageous can overcome obstacles and barriers. Those who quit early will surely fail early and those who keep going will surely encounter success.

Life is a battle field. You must be well trained, equipped and wise to win the battle. Battle is not for a feeble minded people,but for the courageous people.

Either you fight or not, you'll surely face some challenges in life. Even if you don't have any dreams or vision, be expecting challenges. Because it will surely come.

We are created for different battles and we will face different battles. Your challenges will surely different from mine and my own will surely different from yours. Face your battle until you win. Equipped yourself with necessary and compulsory tools that's best suit for your battle. Don't compare your own life with others. Plan your ways and your strategies, strike to face your battle the way that's best for you.

I'm just thinking about life one day. I ask myself"Why is my life challenges different from others". I also asked myself back that"Is your Destiny same with others? No. So why trying to compare yourself with others?

Be courageous and have a strong believe system. Do not fear to fail. Do not fear to fall. Do not fear to hurt. Do not fear to get injured. Fall,rise again. Failed, Keep pushing. You'll surely overcome your obstacles and challenges if you refused to give up.

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