In 1980, our Managing Director Mrs. V. A. Samson started as a dealer under Texaco Nigeria Ltd. (now MRS Plc.) distinguished herself by winning the most priced Texaco Plc Best Dealer Award in sales, marketing innovativeness amongst others for the Latin American/West African Region. The BOVAS group was established in 1980 and started operations as an indigenous independent petroleum marketing company.

Let me tell you something.

This week, following the complete deregulation of the downstream petroleum industry in Nigeria sometimes in 2020, the price of petrol jumped from N161 to N170.
So this afternoon, I drove into the Bovas Filling Station on Araromi Street, Akure to top up the petrol in my car; my first purchase since the new petrol price was announced.
My eyes went straight to the dispensing machine. I was more interested in the price per litre.
I figured that my favourite petrol station would normally sell petrol at N1 or N2 less than the official price. Yes! That's the character of Bovas Oil. When the price was N161, Bovas sold at N159. So I expected to buy petrol at maybe N168 or N169 this afternoon at Bovas.
But the dispensing machine proudly displayed a price of N159 per litre, the old price. I double checked. Neither my eyes nor the dispensing machine was playing tricks on me.


I demanded to know why. The attendant told me that Bovas is selling at the old price because Bovas has not bought at new NNPC depot price. 
Bovas still has the old stock. And they're selling at the old price. They won't take advantage. They're not greedy. They won't cheat hapless citizens. It's shockingly unNigerian.
Bovas! Bovas! Bovas! What a company. What a brand.
So I bought petrol and drove out of Bovas Station, Araromi road, Akure, with prayers in my heart and on my lips for the woman who owns the company.
Bovas (the owner) is a Nigerian patriot. An uncommon Nigerian. A gift to Nigeria, particularly the South West. Bovas never cheats you by under dispensing. They pay attendants/workers fairly better than others. During fuel scarcity, you can trust them to go the extra mile to make fuel available. Ever dependable, Bovas.
Yes! Bovas is a shining example of righteousness. And Bovas is telling us something. We can fix Nigeria only if we all choose to be Bovas in our dealings as citizen.
We must listen to Bovas. The story is good. The music is sweet.
I choose to be Bovas too. What's your own choice?
Thanks for sharing Olumide Olugbemi-Gabriel...

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