1. Abia State Uni - 1 
2. Adekunle Ajasin Uni - 1 
3. Afe Babalola Uni - 6 
4. Ahmad Bello Uni - 1
5. Ambrose Alli Uni - 1 
6. Anambra State Uni - 1 
7. Babcock University - 10 
8. Benson Idahosa Uni - 1
9. Benue State Uni - 1 
10. Bowen University - 1 
11. Crescent University - 2 
12. Delta State Uni - 1 
13. Ebonyi State Uni - 1
14 *Ekiti State Uni*-6 
15. Enugu State Uni - 3
16. Foreign Students - 7 
17. Kogi State Uni - 1 
18. Lagos State Uni - 2 
19. Niger Delta Uni - 1 
20. Nnamdi Azikwe Uni - 5
21. Obafemi Awolowo Uni- 13
22. Olabisi Onabanjo Uni- 4
23. Osun State Uni - 2 
24. Rivers State Uni - 3 
25. University of Abuja - 2 
26. University of Benin - 7 
27. University of Calabar - 1 
28. University of Ibadan - 26
29. University of Ilorin - 6
30. University of Jos - 4
31. University of Lagos - 9
32. University of Maiduguri- 2
33. University of Nigeria - 10
34. University of Uyo - 2 
35. Usman Dan Fodio Uni - 2 

 A total of 147 students made First Class, only 20 from Nigeria private universities

Lessons ~ that your children went to private universities, paid exorbitant school fees, doesn't confer exceptional knowledge on him or her.


 Acquittal Principles vs Maquital Principles

According to a recent study by Workman Teachers Volunteer on the effect of words to a child education development 

There are two psychological syndrome found to be responsible for child academic performances: the acquittal effect and maquital effect. 

The acquittal principles says that when a child's mind is redirected by higher expectation, it leads to an improved performance and thus when words like.... 

You are brilliant
You can do better
You are not lazy
You are a good child
You like to study
You can improve
You don't steal nor lie
You are going to be great are constantly used on a child,

the mind effect of that child doubles its intellectual reception factors and the child performance keeps improving 

but this is however not so with the maquital principles which says that when a child is pricked with lower expectation, the performance of the child drops to the extent of their psychological trauma. 

Bad words,such as... 

You are from a single parent
You are dull
You lack parental care
you are not a bookworm
You are a bad child

does not help a child to learn and shouting on a child hinders their potential intellectual growth tendencies. 

The obvious summary of acquittal and maquital principles is that,the state of self esteem,self worth and self perception of a child is built by words whether to the negative or to the positive

Parent,teachers and guardians have been adviced to help improve on their children/wards academic performance by redirecting their minds with influential words as this was seen lacking in many children during this research expedition across different schools and in that of under aged communities. 

Share to all teachers,Parents and other Sources relevant to Child Development.

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