As a keen observer and an active participant in the journey to take Kwara State away from the slavish era of the past, it will never been a thing of joy to watch the much fought for victory slide away on the altar of petty and retrogressive politics.

Politics is defined as the allocation of power as to who gets what and how. This definition of politics underlines the fact that behind every effort of politicians lies the urge and permutation of how to allocate power. 

The question that ought to arise from the basic definition of politics above is: in whose interest are the allocations and permutations on politics done. I mean are the wishes, yearnings and aspirations of the  electorates, citizens and residents considered in the struggle to allocate power. Your guess is as good as mine.

Bringing my analogy closer to take a critical look at what is happening in Kwara State; a new Kwara State that is been methodologically retrieve from underdevelopment, which she was subjected to by politicians who care less about the people but more about their pockets.

It is disappointing to see the rate at which different political actors are struggling to allocate political power to one another. And in this rat race of who will control more political power than the other, very few politicians participate in this struggle in the interest of the people. In short, all they do with the struggle and the political power so acquired is to see that the fate of the poor are unpredictable, and the voices of the people are clinically suppressed. 

You ask me for what! It is for the usual but abnormal game of the more you see, the less you hear. The game of seeing politicians gallivanting and moving from one political office to the other, collecting political rents from every aspirants, dictating the spending of the state and the local government; and subjecting citizens to endless penury.

It is therefore in line with the above that this writer examine the ongoing town hall meetings mandated by President Muhammad Buhari on every Minister to visit their home state and get the responses and advice of the people on the way forward for the country. It was a decision reached by the president in his bid to nip the issue of youth restiveness that characterized the EndSARS protests and other sundry issues.

In a state like Kwara State that is lucky to have two ministers: a male and a female; in person of Alhaji AbdulRauf Olayiwola Mohammed and Hadjia Rukayat Gbemisola Saraki(a former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria), the organization of the town hall meeting should have been the talk of town. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Because, while Alhaji Lai Organized his town hall Meeting on 6th November, Hadjia Gbemisola Saraki organized hers on 14th November, 2020; just a week interval and both strategically invited only their ally, to an event that should be as diverse as possible to attract the best possible suggestions.

It is commonsensically right to ask for the basis of organizing what ought to be a joint programme separately, what message are they passing; and in whose interest are they doing this. Definitely, it is neither in the interest of Kwarans whom they claim to represent at the Federal Executive Council (FEC), nor that of the two constituencies that produced both ministers.  Then, on whose interest are they acting their political scripts or is it as instructed by the presidency (I doubt that the presidency can support such). 

In whose interest are these ministers using too much cook to spoil the brooth. In whose interest are they playing their petty, dirty and unprogressive politics. In whose interest are they stocking the embers of discord in a state that needs all hands to be on deck to salvage the ruins of the past: a state that needs the support of all and sundry to take her to the promised.

Few years ago, the President Buhari led administration, through office of Minister of Information and culture launched a campaign tagged "Change begin with you", but unfortunately, if the change didn't begin with you, where exactly will the change begin?

AbdulMaliq Mopelola Bashir is the Coordinator of the Women Wing, Kwara Must Change.

She can be reached via:

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