Alloy Nwankwo, the former Chief Judge of Ebonyi State Justice, on Monday, has pledged to guarantee that any security personnel or officers or agencies that violated the human right in the state are tried without fear or favour.

Justice Alloy Nwankwo, is the state chairman judicial panel of investigation revealed this during the panel’s inaugural briefing in Abakaliki.

Former Justice guarantee the panel’s obligation to see into all cases of police savages, human rights violation or related extra-judicial killings that took place in the state.

The chairman disclosed that the committee has so received five entreaty from the public.

Justice Nwankwo added that the committee will start hearing into the cases without any delay.

Alloy stated that the committee was currently serving all parties associated to avoid breach on peoples’ rights, adding that its sitting days will be declared in due course.

He said, “We seek the cooperation of everybody in effectively and efficiently discharging this assignment as the panel has a friendly atmosphere that allows the public to present their cases.

According to former Justice, the committee will give the public, not restricted right to expresses their experiences in the hands of security personnel, to make our enquiries and recommend suitably.

Former justice also vowed that in determining the cases presented before it, the committee will guarantee indemnify to those whose fundamental human rights have been or were violated by security personnel or agencies in the state.

He said further, “Nigerian citizens enjoy many rights but the inalienable, fundamental rights of citizens are statute-protected by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended)”.

“The panel had several meetings in order to discuss the ‘modus operandi’ in hearing of petitions or complaints before it.

Alloy Nwankwo said that the committee also determined to notice all rules of natural justice and concur all parties involved equal opportunities of hearing.

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