It is high to tell the so called christians to serve God not pastors, prophets, evangelists, prophetess, apostles and the likes.

Truth lives, it exists, but only few are dwelling in the truth of the word. The expectation is high, anxiety assuage nothing, panic of what tommorow holds gives room for unstable minds, competition in marriage encourages anxiety, class sentiment increases nerves. Hundreds are embracing sleeplessness night over nothing.

Pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists among others are available for consultation, but remember that a man who is not totally detached from worldly rigours tends to be rascal and act out of the context. 

Your perspection is your progression. Your inward tells your outward. 

The followers of Christ should be encouraged to study the scripture to the last letter rather than to follow dogmatically and keep perceiving an axiom as a last refuge. 

Know your God as your God. Secretly and faithfully rely on Him.

The preacher of the word may not be the doer of the word.

Listen to the word and forsake the appearance of the speaker.

What will be will be !
Listen and denounces no response. 

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