When you know your worth, you tend to stay away from persons that undervalue you or force their ugly mindset on you. Don't follow the crowd, the trend, or attend events just because your peers, friend(s), neighbor(s), loved ones, colleague(s) and people you know are involved. Nothing is more important than your peace of mind, happiness and comfort! Be protective of your energy, space, money and time! Especially your time as you can't get that back!

Only you are responsible for what you feed your emotions. Some people are just not worthy of sharing your space. Some people and things are not deserving of your time, money and energy. Knowing who you are, helps you to make healthy decisions for your life. Knowing who you are, helps prevent unnecessary worry, depression and problems in your life. Some people find themselves often sad, irritated, worried or depressed due to the negative energies they experience from the people they surround themselves with.

Do you know that there are people who would intentionally provoke your anger? These broken souls can only thrive in chaos! Some of these fellows are not even aware that they are disconnected in their essence and so are polluted in their spirit. Be aware that many people lack emotional maturity and that is why their utterances, actions and reactions promote negative drama. Emotional immaturity is also the reason people allow their personal issues to affect their dealings with others.

Know thyself! Stay away from negative energies that will only detract from your quality of life. It's rather safe to spend time alone or with one quality person than to invest your time in several persons with polluted souls! Learn to cut off quickly from argumentative people and those exhibiting volatile temper as this never ends well!

Knowing who you are, helps you to control your emotions and consequently evade unnecessary depression and anxiety attacks that usually result from excessive worry.  Improve your inner-self so you can take the high road to a successful life!!

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