The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic brought a rest to our lives. The world was shaken on its presence and we witnessed signs like the world was coming to an end.

Then and now we confirmed our health and education sector  were zero. 

Schools were closed and only few private institutions could switch to an online teaching and learning. Leaving thousands of public school to zero learning for almost 8 months. 

Now we have Covid-19, what should we expect tomorrow? Do we wait for another pandemic before restructuring our system and finding solutions to Education Pandemic?

It is only through quality Education we can develop other sectors.

If we don't reform our Educational System, the system will continue to reform us, our environment and coming generations.

KERS2019 was about Reviving Kwara State's Educational System from a State of Coma. We tried so hard to position the Government eyes to issues affecting Education both at State and Federal. 

KERS2020 is here with another interesting Theme: 'COVID-19 AND ITS EFFECT ON EDUCATION '

This year, we are going virtually, globally and promise to be more interesting than last year.

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