The former senate president, Sen. Bukola Saraki last week visited Ilorin for the first time since his infamous defeat during the last general elections. His homecoming was however characterised by a series of events that has further put the former governor in the spotlight yet again-all for the wrong reasons. 

Senator Bukola Saraki for the larger part of 2018 was on trial at the Code of Conduct Bureau for false declaration of assets while his sympathisers, cohorts and stooges cried foul and political witch-hunt on the person of the senate president who held sway as political warlord in Kwara state for well over fifteen years, amassing wealth for political loyalists and converting public facilities to personal use.

On his homecoming for his late father's 8th year fidau prayer in memory Kwara's former political strongman, to the surprise of many Kwarans, the former senator declared via his social media handle that he had visited his raw material and recycling company in Ilorin where he claimed to have over a hundred Kwarans working. To the dismay of many, including his praise singers and sycophants who have always jumped  to defend their demigod, how could our  leader own such a business without us knowing?

It is against this backdrop that Kwara Leadership and Governance Initiative is petitioning the Code of Conduct Bureau to investigate the former senate president for failing to declare the recycling property as part of his assets. 

The undeclared ownership by Senator Bukola Saraki of the property gives further credence to the assertion in some quarters that many public facilities were converted to private use during his administration as a governor and even after leaving office. The visitation and subsequent declaration is another confirmation that the CCT trial of the former senator was in line with stipulated rules for public office holders which he violated as a principal officer of the national assembly. 

Kale Ibrahim,
Chairman, Kwara Leadership and Governance Initiative (KLGI)

Tunde Ogundipe, 
Secretary, Kwara Leadership and Governance Initiative (KLGI)

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