A leading Pro Democracy group in Kwara State, Kwara Must Change has called on the state government to de-construct and re-construct the civil service for efficient service delivery and maximization of human capacity.

The group also said that, the current operational model of the civil service doesn't encourage excellence and productivity.

In a statement by Abdulrazaq Hamzat, the convener of Kwara Must Change, the group stated that, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) are government business centers that should function with utmost professionalism, efficiency and productivity, but unfortunately, the reverse is currently the case.

According to Hamzat, the civil service is the least efficient in terms of customer service, it is the least efficient in terms of professionalism, it is the least efficient in terms of quality service delivery and it is the least efficient in terms of productivity, adding that, promotion in the service is strictly based on politics and connection, making service delivery and customer satisfaction a secondary priority.

Hamzat explained that,
"Basic functions of the service cannot be done rightly and seamlessly because the priority of those at the saddle is not to deliver quality service or promote government business, but to advance their personal interest, using their respective offices as a launching pad"

"In the process of advancing this personal interest within the system, government businesses suffers neglect and abandonment, clients and customers are given bad experiences and many public inquiries are left unattended". Hamzat said.

Speaking further, the kmc convener stated that, the current operational model in the civil service is anti business and anti excellence and the only way forward is to de-construct and re-construct the system, putting right people at the right place and rewarding efficiency and productivity.

He maintained that, government needs to de-construct and re-construct the system by embarking on large scale inter MDAs transfers, training capacity building especially on customer service delivery, professionalism in service, efficient corporate engagement etc.

Kwara Must Change therefore call on the government to take urgent steps in reorganizing the civil service for productivity.

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