A Nafdac staff in Ilorin didn't treat us well, she kept us sitting for over an hour. Actually, she didn't attend to me at all, another person eventually did and I am wondering if this is the standard practice in Nafdac.

Nafdac as an organization has been an abstract term for me, because I only see and hear about the organization from distance. 

Apart from reading about them in the news, there was never a time I had any first hand encounter with the organization.

However, all that changed today and the experience wasn't a pleasant one.

Since the beginning of this week, I have been trying to create time to visit Nafdac's office in Ilorin for some inquiry, but due to numerous engagements, I couldn't create time until today, 26th November, 2020.

As a person who love to be guided by standard and regulation, i made it mandatory on myself to get appropriate direction from relevant institutions before embarking on any venture and in this case, Nafdac has a role to play, hence my decision to visit their office for inquiry.

This morning, at exactly 9:30 am, I and my partner drove down to the federal Secretariat Ilorin, where Nafdac's office is located and by 9:45am, we were already at the Secretariat.

Our aim was to make a simple inquiry, which wouldn't take more than 5 minutes, but it turned out that things wouldn't be that easy.

Upon getting to the office, the security lady who first attended to us was very civil and active. 

A simple explanation about our mission instantly drove her into action. She went into the office to convey our presence to the appropriate personel hoping for quick response, but when she returned from the office, instead of ushering us in to make our inquiry and leave, we were given what looked like a bad news, "please seat down and wait".

Upon further inquiry, we were made to understand that the oga madam, who was supposed to attend to us wanted to eat and we have to wait for her to finish eating.

All we wanted to ask about wouldn't take 5 minutes we said, but the security lady prevailed on us to exercise some patience, as she was under strict instructions, which she has to comply with.

Ten, Twenty and 30 minutes later, this oga madam didn't finish eating.

We prevailed on the security lady to notify her oga madam, that all we wanted to inquire about wouldn't take 5 minutes, because our idle sitting is at the expense of other important task waiting for our attention. 

The security lady went in and come out with a sad face, more like someone that had been scolded by the oga madam.

The deligent security lady shielded  her pain and frustration, while calming us down in the most excellent manner, but we could see it through her eyes. 

The oga madam has most likely been intimidating and diminishing her self worth over time and that's probably what repeated itself today.

At some point, she had to explain that, she had tried to reach out to some other people to attend to us, but they often refer her back to the same oga madam and there's nothing she can do, other than plead with us to remain patient.

As this back and forth continued for 30 minutes, my partner had to leave me there to attend to an urgent call.

Surprisingly, after my partner left, I thought I would just spend few more minutes and sort out our inquiry, but I still spent another 30 minutes waiting for this oga madam and yet, she never finished eating. 

At some point, I was forced to ask myself, if she was eating elephant.

It occurred to me that this has nothing to do with eating, but more about general poor attitude to work.

Anyway, the deligent security lady actually saw my restlessness and  was doing everything possible to get someone to attend to me as soon as possible.

She went upstairs to a director's office and fortunately got someone who was willing to attend to me and I was taken to his office.

This excellent official offered me a seat and apologizes for my bad experience, meaning that the security lady must have told him about the situation.

He responded to my short inquiry, which actually took less than a minute and provided valuable lead and direction. I later learnt his name is Mr Muhammed and I say a very big thank you to this official.

If not for the deligent security lady, who is actually not Nafdac's staff,  and Mr Muhammed who later attended to me, I don't know how I would have described my experience with Nafdac.

Nonetheless, this encounter with Nafdac's office in Ilorin is to say the least, frustrating.

A Nafdac staff in Ilorin didn't treat us well, she kept us sitting for over an hour. Actually, she didn't attend to me at all, another person eventually did and I am wondering if this is the standard practice in Nafdac.

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