What is going to happen on that day? It is a date that WILL DETERMINE whether islamization of our country and that of other Africans  will be possible. 

The president of our country has halted all the secrets moves 
(although visible to the US government) to forcefully Islamize Nigerian, but the stern warning of Donald Trump has made him to subside his plans. 

On November 6, there will be a referandom in America that is intended to forcefully REMOVE Trump from being the president, REMOVE ALL the laws that protects the rights and privileges of Christians. 
Who are the people behind this plot?  It is the Gays, the Lesbians, the members of the New world order, the Illuminati together with IGNORANT Christians, but MASTERMINDED by Satan. 

Why this plot. 
Obama, who is a member of the New world order was mightily used by Lucifer to enact anti-Christian LAWS and policies to make life hard for Christians. He produced the DFRD microchips mark of the beast. (Revelation 13) and build a camp called VEMA camp where Christian who refuses to take the mark of the beast WILL BE TORTURED to death. 

Trump, who is a core Christian has been slowing down the DOOMS DAY for Christians in America. The political party involved in this plot is the Democrats. They want to use HORRIBLE method  to take over power from Trump. Trump had a SECRET meetings with 120 Christian leaders in the White House 3 days ago and poured out his FEARS that he needed their support and cooperation to be able to scale through, telling them EMPHATICALLY that if he looses in the referandom, then the whole of Christian in America (including the entire world) must be prepared for a TIME to fight for their lives including himself and his family i e Trump. 

This man needs our prayers and support especially on the internet because these people are already READY to mobilize and campaign for the exit of Trump, the ONLY president in the world who has the military, money, intelligence and ALL the wherewithal to stop activities of terrorism IN OUR WORLD. 

The same way and manner the key spiritual leaders in Nigeria are keeping quiet in not telling the congregation to vote for ONLY Christian candidates, is the SAME manner that Christian leaders in America are doing. It is time to mount upon our prayer ALTAR and begin to MOBILIZE other Christians bodies and PRAY. 

I am SINCERELY praying that the prophecy of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 31:15 and Matthew 2: 17-18) will NEVER repeat itself again. In Rama was there a voice HEARD, LAMENTATIONS AND WEEPING and GREAT MOURNING, Rachel weeping for her children and would not be comforted because they are not. 

Please share and let Christians pray to God for intervention to stop the anti-Christian move. (Forwarded As Received)

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