The Npower November 12th Mega protest has gotten a boast as some protesters from far away states have arrived the nation’s capital city, in preparation of the protest Some volunteers from Borno, Sokoto, and Zamafra in the North have registered their presence for the peaceful demonstration.

Few volunteers from Lagos, Bayelsa, and Ogun states have arrived and are camped in an undisclosed location close to the Federal Capital Territory.

Similarly, as the days go by, more volunteers will join the race, more than 2000 volunteers will the arriving the nation’s capital on or before Wednesday, the 11th of November, 2020.

The protest has already received a boast and approval from the the Police Authority and there will be no need to be afraid
Volunteers will assemble in fornt of the National Sacretariate before moving to the National House of assembly in mass.

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