He was born on 17th of may 1933, and went to rest on 14th November 2012 at age 79.

Our very own icon was a senator of the Nigeria second republic(1979-1983), he was a ranking nobleman of the Ilorin Emirate from Agoro compound in Agbaji.
It exactly eight years now, since we lost a great icon the person and personality of Dr. Olusola Saraki the Father of yesterday Senate president, and Former Governor of kwara State.

Olushola saraki started his political career in 1988-1999 and his contributions are ineradicable and in the process got a rock of being called the father of contemporary kwaran. Though it been eight years since we lost an icon through an inevitable means. Death  took Dr. Olusola Saraki away. 

 *What a pity to us!* 

But his work politically, religiously, and socially still speaks for him till today and forever.
Ever since democracy came to Nigeria, the history of kwara's democracy can be traced back to Dr. Olushola Saraki, history as if Olusola Saraki has  produced more than four Democratic Governor in Kwara State in which each of their work gave birth to today Kwara.

 Starting from the administration of the late Governor Muhammad lawal down to Senator Gbemisola Saraki ( his daughter ) and to another icon he left behind which his son the  person of Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki also a Former Governor of the State.

Our icon did a lot of unforgettable contribution to the society at large to mention a few :

He tarred road from Oja Oba to Pakata, erection of concrete water tanks around Ilorin to reduce the water stress, financial contribution to the Ilorin Central Mosque, facilitation of Ilorin Airport, he facilitate ARMTI to Ilorin, about 70% of Ilorites gained a juicy appointment at  Federal level, he contributed immensely to the modern Emirs palace.

Though we miss you so much but on a brighter note you left another wonderful icon who has indeed continue from were you stop and even has  proving of  us wrong that we may not replace your personality. Indeed you have left us your carbon copy who God has help to rose to the post of third citizen of Nigeria and we are hoping by 2023 will get to the post of the first citizen by God grace.
Once again we miss you sir and we are certain your good deed has placed you in the right place in Heaven and we use this moment to wish that  what you left behind will never  destroyed  but continue from were death took you away.

 Rest on! A generational icon from Kwara State!

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