Self doubt is one habit that is very harmful to success. Starting a business or beginning anything positive, when you allow self doubt to occupy your thinking faculty because of the present challenges, it will affect your performance, lower your confidence & even force you to give up! Certainly, you believed in your dreams, hence you took the step to pursue them from the beginning, therefore, even if difficult times arises, be persistent, have faith! 

Self doubt only affects people who don't know how success works, & that's not you! To prevent self doubt, you must understand that success rarely happens from the first attempt of a positive step, it takes time to happen, people, issues & challenges will try to pull you back even if you have an amazing idea & financial capacity.

But even if you fall, don't stay down, dust yourself up & keep moving! Beware of your close circle, I mean, the persons you spend most of your time with, because "success or failure are both contagious. 

And above all have an unshakable faith in your creator for spiritual support, for the spiritual controls the physical.

                      Keep Flourishing!
                      Happy New Week

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