Standards are codes of behaviour that you choose to live by  knowing they will make your life contended, they are behaviours built on expectations you have of yourself in a variety of situations, they lay down the benchmarks of performance for your life. It can be about your work-life balance, health, soul, relationship, approach to finances, or just about any area of your life that you wish to improve on.

When you get into the groove of continuously setting new standards for things you tolerate in yourself, you will elevate your pattern of behaviour to higher levels & be able to hold yourself to them.
On the other hand, those who set little or no standard in life hardly realizes it because, whatever level they operate in seems normal, but of a truth they will not achieve their true potential & will continue to operate on a drain basis.

Your personal standards are reflected in the promises you keep, in the way you dress and manage your life, health, finances and environment. They are also reflected in the quality of your work, values and communication.

In fact, everything you do and say gives others an indication of the personal standards you live by. Therefore beloved, in this new month of "November" do well to set personal high standards for yourself, for you'll not only feel very good about yourself & other people but you'll find yourself operating from a philosophy of abundance & positivity.

Do bear in mind that standards are about who you are now & not the promise of what you'll become.

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