Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was born in December 1912 in modern-day Bauchi State.
Balewa began his education at a Koranic School in Bauchi. He was later sent to Tafawa Balewa Elementary School. He studied at Barewa College, then known as Katsina College, where he met Ahmadu Bello, who was two years his senior in school.

In 1944, Balewa and some other educated teachers in the Northern Provinces were chosen to study abroad at the University of London's Institute of Education, which today forms part of University College London. Upon returning to Nigeria, he became an Inspector of Schools for the colonial administration and later entered politics.
Together with Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, who held the hereditary title of Sardauna of Sokoto, they proposed the transformation of the cultural organization, Jam'iyyar Mutanen Arewa, which means Northern People's Congress (NPC) in English, to become a political platform for use as campaign platform during the elections of 1951. Balewa was elected Vice President of the new party and subsequently resigned his post as headmaster of Bauchi Middle School.

These men seized every opportunity they have to entrench the goals of Islam. Their dedication is worthy of emulation. They would sacrifice their personal comfort and ambition for the goal of their faith. This transparent dedication has influenced generations of patriots who toe their paths proudly.

During the 2019 Presidential inauguration, President Buhari broke diplomatic protocols abandoning his state guests to go have his prayers. The heavens did not fall. Rather his piety and devoutness as a Moslem became celebrated. Would a Christian President do that? No.

They wouldn’t because they want to be politically correct and heavenly wrong. When the Christian delegates sat down and sharia laws were enshrined in a national constitution that would guide a religiously plural society what went wrong? Were they under duress? No. They wanted to be politically correct and Christianly wrong.

Why are we not proud of our faith? Our founding leaders had shoved their light under the bushel. Their pastors were not pushing forward the agenda of Christ through them. They had no fervency of belief. They had no iota of a Donald Trump radicality or an Ahmadu Bello fundamentalism. 

Has anything changed today on our pulpits? Are we now raising politicians who like Daniel will be bold enough to open their windows and pray towards Jerusalem risking to die than compromise their faith? Are we raising the generation that in their classrooms will rather fail an examination than join the bandwagon of malpractice? Have you ever wondered why non-Christians find it easy to recruit Christians every time there is a policy that is detrimental to Christianity? Have you ever wondered why the people that go on Social media to stab minister of the gospel of Christ are Christians and not those of other religions? *Where have we abandoned our sense of allegiance to Christ? Has the pocket become more important than the Cross? Yet we have the courage to vilify Judas Iscariot?

If you can’t stand for your faith then you have no faith at all. If you can’t die for your God, you have no God at all. One fundamental differentiator of Christianity is that it is the one religion where the practitioners are ready to die for their God, while other religions kill for their gods. 

This is not about being a politician in Nigeria, this is about living your life wherever you find yourself. If you are not proudly Christian in your kitchen, on your street, in your classroom in your shop, on your social media handles, then you  can never be proudly Christian in a government house, in the senate or in Aso Rock.

But a new generation of Christians are rising up. They are young, they are bold, they are carriers of visions and “birthers” of greatness. They are the Christian youths who have found their voice. They will chart a new path. You are one of them or should be one of them.
In the next episode we unveil these new generation. It is more than #EndSars. You don't want to miss it.

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