The greatest evil, they say often come from the best of intention. 

That’s why good intention doesn’t really matter, like the outcome of the intention. 

If you ask me, i will propose that you should always have good intention, but invest more energy in having good impact and outcome. 

Of course, this requires in-depth investigation, careful analysis, meticulous planning and proper monitoring and evaluation.

In most situations, the perpetrator of evil doesn’t really mean harm to the victims; they just want the best for themselves and in the process, committing heinous atrocities, while hurting others.

In the mind of the wicked, they didn’t think their action is so bad. Maybe they know it’s bad, because every human has some element of badness in them, but they didn’t really think it’s so bad, in the sense of being evil. Just like the rest of us, they think their evil act is just a small wrong doing that can be wished away.

However, when the gravity of their atrocities are presented to them, they often seem dumbfounded and not sure if they actually did or caused all that was said, and when its established that they actually did, they feel lost, like we didn’t mean it that way, or that we didn’t think it is having such kind of effect on people.

Even to most perpetrator of wickedness, evil often seem extra ordinary and above the human instinct, hence the resort to devil. You will hear them say, it is the work of the devil or something like, the devil pushed me. 

Only in few occasions does the perpetrator of evil stick to their evil and claim justification, irrespective of the effect.

For example, look at the atrocities of Adolf Hitler as recorded in history. He killed millions of Jews and caused world war that altered the course of history. The impact of his wickedness was felt in almost every corner of the world, yet he didn’t start that way. 

He used to be an activist, whose concern is to protect his people. He used to be a political activist, advocating for the concern of the people. Then he became a politician, on the back of the people, before eventually becoming the supreme leader of the German people, owing to his uncommon popularity among the people.

From a pro people’s activist, he became a tyrant, then a dictator, then a war monger, then a mass murderer who kill without any sense of humanity. To him, everything he did was for the interest of the people, a good intention, but evil outcome.

This is why I say, taste your own violence, before you unleash it on others. Feel your deceit, before you deceive others. Kill yourself first and see how it feels, before you kill others. Hurt yourself and taste the pain, before you apply it to others. 

Do not do anything without first understanding the impact on others. Make sure what you are doing will have the intended outcome on the others. 

If you want to hurt people, know the gravity of the pain you are inflicting on others and ask yourself if you too can bear it too. 

If you want to destroy people, know the consequence of destroying a fellow human and ask yourself if it is worth it. 

Even if you want to kill someone, I am not asking you not to, just make sure you taste it before you serve it.

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