Islam has an agenda for every nation in the world. It is a well-thought out strategic plan to ensure that the religion becomes dominant. To argue, like most Nigerian Christians do that there is no Islamic agenda is to demonstrate a naivety that borders on stupidity. 

To understand the Islamic agenda for Nigeria, you have to place it in the context of the global Islamic Agenda. Islam has two main doors for growth: by birth and by Jihad.

Moslems are permitted to marry as many  as four wives. Depending on the fertility of the couple, an average Moslem family can have as many as 10 to 20 children. This is an average of 4 or 5 children from each woman. They are therefore about four times larger than an average Christian family. 

In Europe and America where the average Christian family has only one or two children, the size/growth of Moslem families and their religion is approximately 5 times more than Christianity. The agenda for Europe therefore is to force the doors open to accept Moslem families through immigration and refugee programs.

This explains why in the face of the bloody Jihad fought by ISIS that displaced millions of Syrians the major destination for refugees was Europe. In a well orchestrated movement, the refugees seek for asylum in non-Islamic states. The idea is to be embedded into the culture and then to grow through prolific birthrates. 
To achieve this a few other things have to be in place. A well coordinated media policy to set the pro-Islamic agenda. This is usually packaged with the minority rights movement with such deviant groups like the Lesbians and Gay communities. 

Secondly, a very well structured educational penetration to break barriers. In most US schools, a pupil cannot use a bible quotation on a class presentation. However, primary school children are taught fundamentals of the Islamic faith and in their last class they are required to recite the Shahada, the Muslim confession of faith: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Prophet of God.” When you say this confession, you formally become a Muslim. Just the same way Christians lead a sinner to Christ by asking them to say the “sinners prayer”.

Many higher institutions have endowed Islamic seats  that promote research and exchange programs to ensure that mental and cultural barriers are lowered or broken completely and the message of Islam is well accepted and become mainstream. 

In most host countries, the immigrant populations outperform the citizens (in academic pursuit) by sheer determination and a mind set driven to succeed because they don’t want to go back to the climate of uncertainty, of wars and fear that characterise most Islamic fundamentalist states.

An aggressive educational regime for the migrants supported by a culture of excellence and democracy gives the immigrants room to flourish and even do better than indigenes. A twisted Western culture that makes minorities ALWAYS right – offers state protection even when it is clear that the original cultural values of the host communities are at risk.

Thirdly, the family unit is kept very well excluded and insulated from the Western Culture. This tightly knitted family structure ensures that family values based on sharia law are carried forward.

Given these platforms, a subtle recruitment to support jihadist ideals is carried out amongst the locals. The success of this program has been largely demonstrated in UK.

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