Saraki has developed the qualities of a man amongst men and a true leader; qualities of strength, courage, mercy, kindness, perseverance and self-reflection, and pursues his quest for all Nigerians to be treated in conformity with civilised standards,  standards that respect human dignity irrespective of ethnicity, creed or culture.

This is his life motto, a motto he passionately proclaimed to the 8th assembly and preached to all Nigerians.

Saraki openly fights against tribal domination, he pursues the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all Nigerians will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.

 Saraki, the man at odds with the enemies of one united Nigeria, the joyous, victorious political icon and liberation hero. 
This is the man acutely aware of his own vulnerability; at times at war with himself and with his passions; a man whose loyalty the law of the land is unshakable.

He has known and endured pains and devastation – countless indignities, severe and irrecoverable losses, dramatic separations from friends and invisible wounds; grief, helplessness and mourning. 
He has been through the kinds of experiences that eat too deeply into one’s being, into one’s soul.  

But, this Saraki turns his wounds into a private secret    
He consciously draws a veil over his wounds and misfortunes. He turned his pain into a private secret he was loath to exhibit in public. While he offered his outer self to the political sphere of men.

And, while we contemplate the gigantic contribution this man has made to Nigeria, now and into the future, we need to remember that, like you and me, he is a human being with all the anxieties, attachments, joys, sorrows, fragilities and contradictions that none of us can avoid. Nowhere is this more poignantly expressed than during his days as the senate president.
It is a feeling with which many of us can identify in our own great and small ways, and it is comforting to know that a man like Saraki feels it too!

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