There is an evil spiritual personality in charge of the nation called NIGERIA. Let’s refer to him as the Prince of Nigeria. The grand aim of this principality is to keep the nation under a cover of darkness and backwardness. This principality directly influences political decisions, appointments and policies that sustain the prevalence of evil, empower evil doers and celebrate corruption. 

At various times or seasons, the agenda is propagated through several lieutenant-demons. For instance at a certain point you may see the spirit of violence at work, or the spirit of communal wars, or the spirit of kidnappings, thuggery and sexual immorality. At other times and in certain jurisdictions, you see religious spirits of deception, strange attacks on ministers of the gospel and even religious violence. You may recall the spate of suicides and yahoo-yahoo money rituals. These are satanic agendas and each move has a demon directly supervising the onslaught.

Many Christians will like to believe that the battle for the soul of Nigeria is between Christianity and Islam. This is not the actual case. The dominant political spirit in Nigeria is neither Christian nor Islam but traditional deities. The overwhelming majority of Nigerian politicians belong to one secret cult or the other. Political alliances and covenants are not supervised by imams and pastors but in shrines run by juju priests. The church and mosque attendances are mainly for window dressing and for image laundering of the dirty politicians.

This is an open secret - one that the Church should more rigorously address. Let every evil politician know that there is no hiding place in the church. Let them choose where they want to belong – to the church or the shrine. Let the god or God to whom they subscribe take the glory. It is cowardly to kill a human being in a shrine before an election and come to church to do Thanksgiving after the election. 

Churches should deny politicians who use thugs to kill and terrorise society, the use of the church podium to launder their political evil and make it look like the hand of God. We are not to partake in another man’s sin.  To the best of my knowledge, it is not a crime in Nigeria to worship any traditional deity. If they are unable to openly declare their allegiance to juju, it is because they know from their conscience that it is wrong. 

Every region has its principal stronghold and the prevalent spirits at work. You don’t need to see into the realm of the spirit to decode these. Newspaper reports are glaring enough. But if you were to see a spiritual map of Nigeria, a few cities will jump out as operational bases for the prince of Nigeria:
Abuja, Benin City, Calabar, Ijebu Ode, Kaduna, Lagos, Lokoja, Maiduguri, Owerri, Oyo, Port Harcourt. The modus operandi in each region may differ but the agenda is always the same.

What is the agenda of the supreme demon of Nigeria?
It is to keep Nigeria and Nigerians in the bonds of economic darkness, technological backwardness, immorality, lack, poverty, mental slavery, wastefulness, disregard for human lives, ethnic hatred, death and everything evil. The prevalence of these in our body polity indicates how powerful the strongholds we are fighting. 

Yet we have a mighty weapon in the name and blood of Jesus. The Church has frustrated this satanic agenda. The scheme is to infiltrate and weaken the church from within its ranks. This we must not permit. The church cannot use the weapons of hatred, division and bitterness. Our weapon is Love, knowledge and the power in  the name of Jesus.

Next episode: The Islamic Soul of Nigeria.

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