Kwara state commissioner for works has revealed how Ilesha Gwanara road contract in Baruten Local Government was awarded by past Administration in the state.

He stated that, "The Ilesha Baruba Gwanara Road Contract was awarded by the previous administration in the year 2013 at the total sum of N1,560,102,954.88 which was later reviewed upward to N2,156,953,404.58 in 2015 and to N2,361,904,549.95 in 2017.

Two weeks to the end of the last administration, on May 15, 2019, the contract was again revised upward to N2,781,716,900.95.

As at May 29, 2019, money paid to the contractor stood at N1,847,129,347.45 while money yet to be paid as per the revised sum on the project stood at N934,587,553.50.

Percentage of payment made was 66.4% whereas the work done on site was 35%.

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