The native religions of Nigeria (Africa in general) are heavily founded on blood rituals. All kinds of animals and human beings are used in these rituals depending on what the seeker wants. The potency of the sacrifice is determined by the value of the blood offered. Thus, the blood of goat can get a higher power than the blood of a chicken. When it comes to human rituals, the kind of power required determines the kind of person used for the sacrifice. 

For instance, school cultists, street gangs/cults that want to “run mad” with violence use a mad person for their rituals. A person looking for power, wealth, influence and so on may be asked to sacrifice a loved one. When the ritual must take a pure blood, virgins are requested or even an unborn child from a pregnant woman. These bloods are used to service the thrones of power and influence. This is why there is always a spike in kidnappings in the months leading to elections.

The goal of the traditional gods is nothing but to maintain their territorial influence. They want to perpetuate the cycle of darkness, distress, disease, fear and backwardness. This serves their purpose of exercising control of which the “gods’ of Christianity and Islam seek to rob them.

If Amadioha and Sango wanted progress, they should have shown their worshippers how to harness the power of (Lightning) – electricity -  for development. Witches and wizards do not gain anything by killing anybody other than the fear they use to terrorize the living. 

These demons have no expansionist visions like Chinese, Indian or European demons. When they get involved in a cross-cultural war, it is because the human elements invite them into the war. They usually respect their territorial boundaries. The reason is simple: demons don’t die and each respects its jurisdiction. 

The bible clearly describes the Prince of Persia – a demonic personality in charge of the physical nation of Persia. Daniel 10:13

Jesus had an encounter with a legion of demons that pleaded not to be sent out of their area of jurisdiction. Mark 5:10. Surprisingly, Jesus granted that request. It is clear from that story that these territorial demons were resisting the advancement of the kingdom of God. Thus, the people hated Jesus and did not even permit him to hold a service on their soil.

When the demons were cast into the sea, they lost their territorial influence and Jesus was begged to stay in the same land (Mark 7:31-37)

_Many Christians like to think that the battle for spiritual dominance in Nigeria is between Christianity and Islam. But that's not true. Tomorrow, i will unveil the actual spiritual political power in Nigeria.

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