The President and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Community Development Foundation, Dr. Ejike Orji, has said that it is depend on Nigeria to eloquent its national interests in order to achieved the help needed from the new administration in United State of America.

Chief Executive Officer, CEO, and tje former House of Representatives aspirant, who is also the Chairman, Coalition for Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Accountability Mechanism (C4MAN), emphasized that the incumbent President, Donald Trump failed woefully in terms of America’s relationship with other countries and failed to carried out the leadership trait the country is known for.

Dr. Ejike Orji and The Chairman Board of Network of Reproductive Health Journalists, also stated that he believes that Biden, if taken over as the 46th President of United Satate of America, will honour the perspective of Nigeria and other African countries regarding the controversial homosexual law.

Ejike said, “When it comes to international relationships, it is usually not about individuals, especially in serious countries like America where they have strong institutions and no matter who they are, at the end of the day, they’re very patriotic about what the interest of their country is and being able to look at it before looking at other countries.

“There’s no doubt that the outgoing President of America has been destructive the length America has been able to look at the world before he came.

“America looked at the world with more and more bilateralism. It is able to be part of what is going on around and in that case providing strength and financial support to all the UN organs and providing security support for Europe.

“But Trump has been able to whittle that down because he came on the platform of ‘America first’ trying to look inwards. But in the global political architecture now, no country can stand alone.

The deadly corona virus has proved it all. For us in Nigeria, I think we have to voice out what our natural interests are and see how whatever Biden is bringing on the table is going to meet our needs. Rexall that whatever Biden is going to do, he will always privatized Nigeria’s interests

Despite major changes in laws and norms surrounding the issue of same-sex marriage and the rights of LGBT people around world, the public opinion on the acceptance of homosexuality in society, mostly in Africa remains sharply divided.

Biden the elected USA President was the former Vice President for eight years during the tenure of President Barrack Obama who penalized the LGBT rights across the globe.

Ejike said further while reacting to this, “Obviously, Biden is a man of his own. Remember the way things are, he was the Vice President, he was not the President.

“If they had disagreements on any issues (including gay marriage) they won’t make it open. And remember even with regard to same-sex marriage, our government at the time made it clear they were not interested in legalizing it and that any international organisation bringing money should take their money and go. I think people should look at the demeanor, the person type of Biden. He looks to me as a very civil person.

On Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his Vice, the Women rights activist, added, that “It would make any young person in America to aspire for the highest level.”

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