The Christian Soul
The Islamic soul
The traditional religious soul.

Before the advent of Christianity and Islam, the entire geographical area called Nigeria was partitioned amongst people groups – ethnic nationalities.

Each ethnic group has its set of deities. There is a very complex and intricate spiritual partitioning (maps) that gives territorial authority to each of these spiritual principalities. Thus Amadioha (god of thunder in Igbo land) does not have authority in Yoruba land where Sango (god of thunder) takes that role.

In each culture, there is a chief god or goddess and a system of governance where smaller gods are given specific roles and jurisdiction ranging from cities to villages down to streets and even families.

Christianity and Islam – brought intruder “gods” into this delicate spiritual map. It is believed all over the world, that when a war breaks out between cultures, their gods fight for them. In essence, who ever wins, won because his gods overcame the other gods. It is only then that the people become subservient and adopt the conqueror god.

This was the battle that the Christian missionaries fought. They fought with education, science, miracles, signs and wonders and penetrated into the dark realm releasing the souls of men but not the souls of the ethnic groups. Yes, the weapons of our warfare are not material or carnal but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

Islam won followers through military wars and claimed dominance only through violence. In Western Nigeria, the arrival of Islam met a well-grounded Christian culture and the military resistance of the colonial masters. This led to a unique blend of Christian and Islamic co-habitation that is not found anywhere else in the world. It is normal to see families practicing all three religions – voodoo. Christianity, Islam and feel at peace with it.

The supreme being behind each religion has an agenda for the country. Do you know what God’s agenda for Nigeria is?

In the realm of the spirit, there are actually only two kingdoms – the kingdom of Light and the kingdom of Darkness. Jesus Christ heads the Kingdom of Light. Satan leads (not head) the kingdom of darkness – with authority delegated in various ways through various religions.

In this chapter, my intention is to reveal the spiritual agendas at play. How it impacts you and what roles you are expected to play.

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