One of the loyalist of the former Senate President of Nigeria, Abubakar Bukola Saraki has come to the social media described Him as a leader and a modern day moses who rescued his people from the land of torment against the plans and purpose of God for their life's.
Meche wrote this on his Facebook page to honour and respect his leader.
He described him as intellectual and political savvy, a companion with sense of justice.
He also added that Bukola Saraki is a fatally detribalized Nigerian and seen him as a symbol of a new nation called Nigeria.
His full statement read, "He is the modern day Moses. He is a leader with a divine force that precedes him, a man of unusual leadership talent and charisma.

Apart from his intellectual and physical stamina, he has tremendous Intergrity and political savvy.
He is a man of deep compassion and sense of justice.
Saraki has this calmness of a statesman who could rise above the fray of petty politics.

He is a totally DETRIBALISED Nigerian. I see him as the symbol of a new nation, someone all of Nigeria will emotionally invest in.

Above all, he is a man that believes the system of equality and fairness before the law.
In all, he is the essential man that will redefine Nigeria!".
Meanwhile, Former Senator Bukola Saraki was nailed for working against President Muhammadu Buhari that caused him to loose his seat as Senate President of Nigeria in 2019 general election.

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