There are Christians who think their greatest enemy is one witch, wizard or a demonic agent planning to stop their progress. The answer is no.

My brother/ sister, your greatest enemy is not that wicked boss in the office threatening to demote or fire you.

Your greatest enemy which has defeated you many times, I am afraid is SELF. Self thinks itself to be wise. It is egotistical. It seeks to control you all the time.  It is your enemy. It is my enemy.

None of us can be true disciples of Christ if we don't deny self. Yes, self is a constant threat to true discipleship( Luke 9:23).

Jesus says; "turn the other cheek, when you are slapped," but self says, " how dare you slap me? Don't you know who I am? I will deal you two hot slaps in return." Yes, you feel gratified to satisfy self that way but you have denied Christ.

The Holy Spirit through Paul the Apostle says " Mind not high things... Condescend to men of low estate.... Esteem others to be better than you." Self says " No, no, don't you know who I am in the world? Don't you know my ministerial pedigree? Give me a special seat in church."

Jesus says "Take no thought for tomorrow.... Seek ye first the kingdom of God and other things will be added unto you. ' Self says " Jesus, you know how things are. The economy is bad and the future is not assured.  I have to work  five jobs even if it means I will have less time to fellowship with you and the brethren "

God says " don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers." Self says "Lord I hear you but Yetunde is a different unbeliever. She is beautiful and honest though she cares not about the things of God. I must marry her."

Jesus says, "when you help the poor, be quiet about it. Don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing." Self says " make a loud noise on social media about what you do. Display pictures of the people you have helped on Facebook."

Self is obsessed with earthly things. It is concerned with owning treasures on earth rather than focussing on spiritual treasures.  The Christianity of self is all about "everything na double-double." 

Self is hedonistic. It is  all about seeking fame and pleasure. Self makes you happy but does not bring lasting joy.

Self may give  gratify you but it would be the death of you .

Let's fight self with all we've got.

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