Regardless of personality, background or financial abilities, there are times difficulties arise, when mapped out plans fail, when that feeling of failure pops up, yes but that shouldn't be a prerequisite to go into the camp of losers, but rather it should be to you a staircase to success, for you never lose when you fail, but only when you quit trying to create your desired life experiences.

The word "Loser" is a "quit" term, and not a "failure" term. Every failure experienced in life simply thrusts you closer to your success destiny, because success is always sure when you refuse to quit progressing inspite of the strings of failures that may pop up. And there's great and beneficial wisdom for success in every failure!

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit. Dearly beloved, there are always advantages in your adversities, you just have to look for them, learn from them and arise courageously. Instead of internalising your failures, analyse them! extract the wisdom in them and try again!  

The treasure of failure is the wisdom it teaches, and failure will always leave you in a closer position to success, provided you keep moving.

What's your heart's desire? In what area of your life are you considering quitting? What dream have you given up on? 
You didn't come this far to quit now!  
Build on your disappointments!
 Use them as stepping stones to your future of success. For you're not a loser!!!
And it can only get BETTER!!!

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