Few months ago, Kwara Must Change conceived the idea of Legislative Watch, a standard performance rating model for legislative assessment in the country.

Our aim, was to design a standard measurement modality that could be used for legislative assessment in a professional and scientific manner without fear or favor.

To achieve this mission, we enlisted the service of a technical consulting partner, who are reputed for developing measurement standards for assessment and together, we developed a template for Legislative Watch.

After the initial draft of the measurement standard, we equally developed relevant questions to accompany the assessment model, which would give life to the measurement model already developed.

In our quest for perfection, we hosted a session for review and criticism of the model, which was attended by selected activists, politicians and advocate of good governance.

The review session, afforded us a rare opportunity to take valuable input from our invited associates, who made highly important observations that were later factored into the final draft and adopted standard for the Legislative Watch. 

To set the ball rolling after the adoption of the measurement model, we reached out to all legislators in Kwara State, both at the State House of Assembly and Federal level (Senate and Reps) and presented them with the Legislative Watch questionnaire for their responses.

In total, we submitted questionnaires to 32 Kwara lawmakers, which promise of 3 senators, 6 members of federal house of representatives and 23 members of state house of Assembly.

It should be noted that, there are 24 members at the Kwara State House of Assembly, but due to the demise of a former member, representing Patigi Constituency, we didn't give the questionnaire to the newly elected member who is yet to settle into office at the time of distributing the questionnaire.

Furthermore, out of the 32 lawmakers that received our questionnaire, only 7 responded to the questionnaire, while the remaining 25 choose to disregard it.

The 7 that responded to Legislative Watch questionnaire include:

-3 Senators
-2 members of Federal House of Representatives
-2 members of the Kwara State House of Assembly

It is important to note that, the none response of 25 lawmakers will not shield them from being assessed in the Legislative Watch.

The only difference is that, while those who responded will be rated based on formal information provided by them, those who didn't respond will be rated based on available public information.

Unfortunately, the available public information may not properly capture their entire performance, since not all their record is available in the public domain. 

However, the lawmakers will take responsibility for their lack of response, as we can only rate them based on information available to us.  

It is important to note that, Legislative Watch assessment program started about 6 months ago and our intention for  the program was to ensure that more lawmakers, especially those at the State House of Assembly and Federal House of Representatives will take advantage of the period to respond to the questionnaire, which didn't manifest as much as expected.

Notwithstanding, the legislative watch rating shall now proceed as every lawmaker in Kwara State has been given more than enough time.

It is important to note that, Legislative Performance cannot be rated based on bills or motion sponsored alone.

It can also not be rated based on constituency projects or oversight functions alone. 

To rate a legislator rightly in a fair and professional manner, all factors of legislative assignment must be fully evaluated and this is what we are set out to do.

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