Bank of Industry is a worthy model for civil service in Nigeria. 

The bank gives you the best of experience as a customer, treat you well with dignity, listen attentively to your concerns, attend to your issues with utmost professionalism and make you feel that indeed, Nigerian are good people in a great nation.

If you have had any sweet customer experience in government offices abroad or even in private organizations in Nigeria, your memory of those places can't be better than what I got at the Bank of industry in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

From the security officials, to administrative officers and all the various departments, all of them are top notch professionals who make your experience at the bank a memorable one.

If I am to advice the civil service, I would advise that all civil servants should be taken to Bank of Industry to learn customer relations at it's best.

On Wednesday, 9th December, 2020, I was driving along Ahmadu Bello way in Ilorin, when i sighted the office of Bank of Industry.

A day before, I had been searching for the bank without success.

I went to the website for direction, but website wasn't helpful because I couldn't get a contact address of its state offices nor contact phone numbers to call.

So, seeing the office when I wasn't looking, especially after searching for it days before, without success left me with some mis-feelings.

I parked and decided to go in, not really expecting much. After all, who will expect much from a bank, whose website couldn't provide necessary direction or contact to its possible clients, so I thought.

Getting to the entrance of the bank, an in house security official greeted from distance, in a friendly way.

He advised me to knock the door just once and I will be attended to without hustle.

Being that I was coming with some kind of irritation, I didn't find that very exciting, but nonetheless, I did as he said and within few seconds, another security official opened the door from within.

He asked me few questions and I was ushered into a sparkling and decent office, full of pleasant smell and fresh air.

The security official took me to a desk to fill in my details and after which I was walked down to a seat.

When I sat down at the waiting area, 3 people were ahead of me, so it was natural that these people will be attended to before me.

However, as i await my turn along with others, the security officials turn we, the customers into some celebrities of some sort.

Every now and then, they will come and apologize for the delay, explaining that they are attending to other clients.

When the next person get called to step forward, they will apologize to the others, assuring us that they will get to us as soon as possible and this was the situation until I was called in by the officials.

In my mind, probably the security officials were just being nice to us since they were engaged through a private security guard, but if you think the security officials are just the excellent one's there, you will be mistaken, because even the administrative official who attended to me isn't less excellent.

When I explained my mission to the officer, who simply gave his name as Tobi, he took his time to listen very attentively, taking notes and seeking clarification where necessary.

He would ask question gently, like you are a delicate substance that should be treated with care. Sometimes, he would even explain the reason why he's asking the question to ensure that proper context was provided.

When the information I provided didn't seems to fit specifically into their mandate, but had some element of alignment, instead of just saying it doesn't fit, he would excuse himself to go seek further information from senior officials.

Within the period of our engagement, he went to seek clarification about twice just to be sure and I felt very pleased with our engagement.

If I am to rate bank of industry, despite my earlier irritation with their website, I will still give them A1.

The point is that, Bank of industry has done a good job on its staff. Its customer relation is excellent.

The bank recognizes the need to accord everyone with human dignity, irrespective of status or personality and nothing could have have been better. This is not a standard known with many government agencies.

If any organization is looking for a public agency to recognize, I am nominating Bank of Industry in advance. They certainly deserve some accolade.

My advice to the bank would just be that, it needs to improve its website, especially its contact information.

Infact, I need to be there public relation officer.

Abdulrazaq Hamzat is the Convener of Kwara Must Change

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