Borno Reps caucus was furious over the killing of over 43 farmers in the state, one of them moved a motion of urgent national importance.

Their request was that President Muhammadu Buhari should be summoned to answer questions over insecurity in North East and Borno in particular.

Rep Alhasan Ado-Dogwa, the majority leader of the house and a Buhari diehard attempted to defend the president, but was met with stiff resistance.

He was shouted down. The anger was palpable

Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila intervened, he said the word summon won't augur well for the President.

Gbajabiamila said it should be amended to read "invitation" rather than "summon"

The speaker then called for an executive session, they agreed on the word invitation.

Thereafter Gbajabiamila approached the President at the villa, requesting him to honour the house invitation to explain certain security matter.

Buhari in his simplicity agreed to honour the invitation, he assured Gbaja of his presence.

Rep Benjamin Kalu, the spokesperson of the house was so sure that nothing will stop the president from honouring the house.

He promised that such engagement with Buhari will be in the atmosphere of conviviality.

According to him, we will not intimidate the President, it will be a heart to heart talk, nobody will be allowed to harass him.

But some principalities came into the picture, they brainwashed the President not to honour the invitation.

You see, Buhari may not really be the qualms, but those enfant terrible, who always want him to do their bidding misled him again

Some state emperors said that such precedence if set will give their Houses of Assembly the impetus to summon them at will.

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