As Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq presents the 2021 Appropriation Bill this week, there appears no sign of any concluded negotiation with the Kwara labour and needless to say the long awaited minimum wage is captured in the budget. Perhaps a non-concluded recurrent expenditure could appear on the financial plan the public will be waiting till Tuesday when the document will be laid on the floor of the Kwara State House of Assembly in Ilorin.

Be that as it may, Governor AbdulRahman should be mindful of the untold hardship the state workers like many other Nigerians are passing through in the face of the current economic realities and harsh economic policies of the government. He should be informed of the skyrocketing market price that has render useless the value of Naira, he should be alerted to the fact the full salary payment he's celebrating in actual fact has low purchasing power when compared to the amputated salary payment he inherited from the last administration given the current economic woes. He should be told that the workers are not better off in his government since many of them (especially those at LG level) neither get promoted nor received their salary arrears since he assumed office. 

He should therefore be admonised to be alive to his responsibility and settled this category of the state population (workers) since they're the engine room of any government having tried in the resuscitation of some moribound public infrastructure. He should be told that the multiplier effects of the wage payment will be felt by market men and women, artisans, students, and even the older generation whose his "owo isowo ati owo arugbo" cannot reached. The state IGR will also be impacted.

Finally, he should be reminded that his attitude so far is a disservice to the suffering workforce who had thought of finding solace and respite in him and gave him their mandate. The workers has a voice and can make a wave when the time comes again, the Governor must be advised

May Allah guide our leaders right and help us all the truth to know and live by. May project Kwara succeed under A.A

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