The Child Development Department of the Ministry is by this notice informing all concerned public entities operating Child Minding activities, otherwise known as Crèche/Daycare/Kindergarten etc., that the Monitoring and Enforcement (M&E) Team of the Ministry would be going round for the inspections of operating facilities across the state in order to ensure that standard procedures and guidelines of the law guiding operating activities of early child care and developments are strictly adhered to.

It should clearly be noted that Kwara State Child Rights law 2006 and National Child Rights Act 2003 defines Child Minding activities as: 
“if- (i) the person looks after one or more children under the age of six years, for reward, and
(ii) the period, or the total of the periods, which the person spends in looking after the Children during the day exceed two hours…”

To this end, and in order to avoid penalties (which may include Seal off, fining and prosecutions) of illegal operating activities; all centers, facilities, schools etc., carrying out Child Minding and related activities are strongly advised to visit the Ministry’s Child Department (Room D18) State Secretariat Complex, Phase 1, along Offa Road GRA, Ilorin or call the officer in charge, Mr Zubair on *09086143720* for further enquiry and action, please.

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